Parenting Services
(Expectant/Birth to Young Adulthood)

Parent Coaching -

Provides private consultation as a resource of support and guidance to navigate through the journey of parenting. To be a sounding board, motivator, and partner in brainstorming, problem solving and celebration! Parents face many challenges today, including societal changes, family stress, and specific child rearing issues.  Through parent coaching we hope to assist parents in strengthening their parenting skills, the relationship with their child, and promote their child’s positive development.

Parent Education - Provides programming, in a supportive group setting, to address the universal issues that all parents deal with in raising their children. This group covers topics such as; understanding your child, parent/child relationship, communication, discipline and issues related to specific age groups. Specialized programming available, at your location, customized to meet the needs of corporations, schools, churches, community groups,  etc. Programming offered as one time topics or as a series of related topics.  

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